Learn how to preserve your skin for a lifetime!
Medical Dermal Needling delivers nutrients and growth factors to the cells deep within your skin for a healthy, beauty-enhancing rejuvenation treatment.
What is Medical Dermal Needling?
Medical Dermal Needling (MDN) is a system for reversing skin damage and maintaining the skin's youthfulness. It is refereed to as Collagen Induction Therapy as well.

Dermal Rolling creates a cellular environment that assists the skin in self-correcting a variety of skin conditions. 
Personalized skin analysis, dermal needling, and the right product for each skin type, combined with a professional understanding of skin function, makes possible this age-defying treatment that results in youthful, beautiful skin. This MDN approach is now available in the USA.

Medical Dermal Needling, based on scientific study, is affordable and takes under two hours using topical anesthesia. These effects are significant and long-lasting.

Other Important considerations for maintaining skin integrity involve Bio-Identical hormones after menopause , healthy diet, and Vitamin D and Omega 3 intake.

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